You Rule Your World

The Actual World

A Brief Outline:

"Money rules the world" Is not a rational and a realistic notion. money is a human product, an object. It cannot and does not possess the capacity to rule our world .

People Rule the world, and engage in a dehumanizing structure of placing money ahead of humanity. 
We live in an insane, irrational structure and it should be changed to place PEOPLE first and rationality first, ahead of our created product, money.


        "I (too) have a Dream": I seek for change where persons are not turned down for life saving medical services just because he or she lacks Money: a change where the accumulations of monetary wealth is towards humanity, a change for true human progress and lifestyles that is based on intelligence, maturity, tolerance (inclusion) and decency for all.






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We come fresh to the different stages of life, and in each of them, we are quite inexperienced no matter how old we are. Francois de Rochefoucauld


    Life in actuality reveals that living is neither as the young, nor as the old comes to live as expected. Adults know that there exists a made up reality (a way of thinking and viewing life) that the young believes than which exists. A state of mind where young people are sheltered from how we actually live. When young generations starts to get older, mature, they then comes to possess knowledge and experience in the so called "real world" which is as way of stating, life as it is. As the "real world" is a made up reality for children, for the older groups, adults, ignorance and helplessness is the state of mind. Most people still do not understand the form of system that governs (directs) "how we live". Most adult men and women still cannot explain "how we live" in its most basic form. 

          Most people are lead to live lives full of misinformation and notions such as,  "money makes the world goes round." A condition where they themselves are powerless and are stationed below "the dollar". In this video, Bill Gates will point out that cure for baldness has been more of an aim for researches than the cure for Malaria. Why is that so?  Does that explain that money truly rules? Yet, how can a product direct human activity? Can your toaster tell you what to do? Can and does money direct human activity? Is that even possible? Is reality not simply that we, human beings, place objects such as money by far a focus, and vastly more of an importance than ourselves as rulers or directors over our lives ? Money is important, but is it more important than you or I, a human being? The answer is, anyone of us can go try to or even be able to make money, but it is impossible for money to make you or I:


Proper education and cultural interest to be and to stay familiar with real knowledge of the natural sciences and social sciences is a necessityProper education is not only useful but they are empowerment (motivates us). They give us the fuel that we need in order to understand how our society operates, and the powers that we possess as liberated persons within our democratic nation. It gives us the knowledge to know that we are part of the process of our democratic nations' operations and not the passive adults we allow ourselves to become.  Ignorance and helplessness is when we do not possess these real powerful information that we need in order to participate and to direct our lives, you rule your world in the Americas and everywhere else. There need not be a label titled democracy next to any nation in order for us all to understand that all citizens like ourselves do seek power or abilities to be able to live well or decently.


Ignorance & Helplessness

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger. Saint Basil

Learning is one of the most vital things that every living being must pursue as knowledge, which will give the abilities we require to actively participate in ruling our worlds, our lives, but it is most unapparent during our adult years. We adults demonstrate this best through our learned main purpose of living is: the pursuit of money, to possess a structured daily living to "make a living" as a way of securing our basic needs such as for our home, for the obtainment of food, and for the access to be able to develop a good lifestyle. Money is set as the means to acquire human necessities, making it vital to posses and therefore, it becomes a symbol for life its self:

After you're older, two things are possibly more important than any others: health and money. Helen Gurley Brown

            Also, we focus too intensely on possessing the “American Dream” and engulf ourselves in our oppressive, domineering cultural habits of EXCESS. A culture that keeps 90% of us living as  middle “Average Joe,” and as poor "common folks" . Also, there exists 9% of the population as being rich and 1% being wealthy, highest ranks. We spend our time being groomed to focus on a life of excess or of the "good life" in which most of us try to display by spending our money (the supply material to possessing valuable resources as being "wealth" ) in order to show our value or worth or to indulge ourselves yet, it is such a way of living (spending unconsciously) that keeps us living and struggling more to keep up with the financial demands in our lives for every dollar does make a difference- we must learn to save: "keep what you have and create what you deserve." - Suze Orman.

It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits. Charles A. Jaffe

          We never acknowledge  the great societal divisions (1% wealthy, 9% rich, 90% working class: average and the poor) within our society as being unequal or wrong. We live in a “Dream” of believing that we hold the power to “’make it” into any which class we desire which is partially true, but is overestimated as the revelation of the number of those who actually does reach such height reveals, few. Life is lived irrationally and unbelievably at an insane repetitive system of human activities in regard to ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our planet. We structure living insanely and in confusing layouts such as, we call ourselves living in a time of "civility" yet we acknowledge that the act of living is barbaric, aggressive and cruel: 

It's a dog eat dog world, and Mr. Perfect is a Milk Bone. Bobby Heenan

         If we do not acknowledge our ignorance ( lack of knowledge) about our environment and what is happening to us, as a nation and as members of the international community, we will give this deep inequality and oppressive pool of lifestyle to our next generation. We will continue to feed them "idealism" as the notion of there being a " real world" and not truths or realism which would help them to live good lives away from the struggles, manipulations, and oppressions that exists in actuality but are not mentioned in our manuals from “the real world”. As adults, we must acknowledge that the greatest majority of us are still indoctrinated ( taught) to live with the false notions we have been feed throughout our young lives “imaginations” and not true facts about life nor about how to come to achieve a good life, and to be in control of the direction our lives moves towards as liberated persons within a liberated democratic nation.

           The actual world politics will provide sources of great intelligence away from the popular cultural misguided facts, and short lived entertaining information or performances that does not lead us to  possessing knowledge to end our struggles, but are simply diversions away from realism-there is a better method: claim serious facts, claim a serious tone of living your lives, claim a serious appetite for "real news" so that socially we can possess a more serious powerful lives than the short bursts of "fun" which ultimately we do have to come back to reality, actuality. There is greatness in realism, for only when we live around the facts can we seek or see a straight route, and also follow it through towards finding real solutions than diversions to our social problems.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.  ~Author Unknown

Life is a system of half-truths and lies, Opportunistic, convenient evasion. Langston Hughes

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

The most violent element in society is ignorance. ~Emma Goldman

 Awareness:  Individualism & Socialism

On Equal: Rights, position, & liberty

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. Carl Jung


Individualism is the theme of this country, we are feed daily about how unique and an individual that we are. Yet, are not groomed to be aware of our socialist parts of being not only a single unique entity, but one that is part of a community of entities (persons) therefore, our culture lacks to identify and to embrace socialism-being a member of a community, state, national and international human community. Also, an increase in this irrational thought states rather some of us had: went to college, gotten pregnant, gotten married during our adolescent years, our society considers us all “equally” to be deeply: responsible, knowledgeable, capable beings at directing our lives and greatly possessing an equal footing to achieving our goals in life--this we believe. We believe that each one of us must strive to develop a life of our own choosing with deep equality to do so, and with deep equal levels of freedoms, capacities, and liberties to conquering our world, “overcoming” obstacles, and to claim our individual rights as a person who has achieved, who has “made it” therefore, one who has "earned" special higher rights and privileges.

    Based on our young and adult dream aims without much factual knowledge as to how our society operates, or how "we the people" rule, we are in a route towards deep sets of: disappointments, depression, obsessions, stress and disease from such “American Dream.” A dream of all persons climbing a latter and overcoming “barriers” to personal success equally which is mainly exaggerated for some of us might need to create opportunities for ourselves that may not exist for us, in order to achieve what we seek in life.

All my growth and development led me to believe that if you really do the right thing, and if you play by the rules, and if you’ve got good enough, solid judgment and common sense, that you’re going to be able to do whatever you want to do with your life. Barbara Jordan

    Contrary to what we may believe, in “the actual world” of realism, we do not all start to "climb the ladder towards success” on equal footing:

o   In terms of Social Status: teenage pregnant persons, single parent persons, and coupled parent persons  are not on equal footing nor are they on equal lifestyles as single, childless persons.

o   In relations to Education: non-high school graduates, high school graduates, and secondary school educated persons are not on equal footing nor do they possess equal available access.

o   In addition, social experience does play a role: first generation students, and generational college experienced household students are not on equal footing.

o   Most importantly, People born to a family living in poverty are not on equal footing with those who are born to wealthy or middle class families…their beginnings to rise up to live within a better environment, and conditions starts at the very last bottom.



Fairness & Equal Opportunities/ Equal Access
Climbing the ladder of success based on Competition: capitalism
 One flaw: Equal Footing


Competition is not based on fairness though it is part of what a person needs to engage in to acquire "success" which is a term meaning, "a good life" as our capitalist belief system states. The structure that we have presently is not based on fairness, because for all to be climbing a ladder toward success, we all should be on equal footing for fairness and equal opportunity to be championed principles. People that are at the bottom of the economic scale has a higher level of adversities, higher levels of obstacles to conquer in order to obtain success within a race amongst those who are from the middle class and those who are already born into a top scale of the rich or of the wealthy classes.

         A nation that proclaims competition as a way for individual wealth building ( for personal "success" ) and for fairness "for all" needs to acknowledge inequalities and unequal footings which exists, in order for fairness to be proclaimed. Reform and social programs are necessities in which this nation possesses a few, and these social programs must be kept and maintained. Programs such as: Medicaid, Medicare, and the equal opportunity laws all are striving to assist those least fortunate to gain proper footing to be able to take part in this competitive structured nation, to have a CHANCE at the "race for success" to be available for "all" or for them to be able to obtain a great attempt if not a winning spot at the top.  

          Today, we have the greatest testimonies to that insight. More and more celebrities that are at the top of "the latter", grabs more and more opportunities for themselves, their families and their friends to define themselves, expand their creativities: their talents and freedoms to try and place an attempt to be "whatever" they want to be or do "whatever" they wish to do. Celebrities and their entourage have great advantage to be as most of them already are: Models, Business men and women with their own lines of: clothing, perfumes, hand bags, television shows, music, accessories-therefore, freedom is at the top of the latter, and it is in EXCESS for access is granted easily there more freely and accessible than the majority of society which is at the bottom, 90% , in which few does "make it" up top. 

          Also, because access is greatly at the top, it is easily for those who already possess much "success" to gain more of it than those who are without. Therefore, the rich possess more opportunities to gain more wealth and to be richer and the wealthy, wealthier.. I know that is not Fairness and I am not going to sit and "get use to it", more reform is needed to make opportunities MORE available also at the bottom more so than there are.

No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable. Adam Smith 

        Competition, as well as many things are not set for large number of people to achieve top statuses within our present day Capitalist Systemif large number of people were able to, and a system set "for all" to truly claim "success", it would have cheapened it. The aim for "success" would not have all the "lure" and mass cravings of it as exists in our present day, if it was available for large numbers of people to obtain; a high price designer hand bag isn't worth the hype if everyone can have it-a high level of success and ability to gain or obtain success is not hyped, if everyone and anyone can have it. Is that right? Is it fair? Is Socialism desirable or evil? For, within a Socialist structure, it requires larger majority of persons to be at the top. A capitalist structure, in another hand, is built for few to reach up TOP and the large Majority are to be, as exists today, DOWN on to the bottom struggling as mass workers and not mass employers or business owners. It is not fair, it is immoral, it does not uphold the democratic theme of this country for all persons to be living well.

Capitalism is not about free competitive choices among people who are reasonably equal in their buying and selling of economic power, it is about concentrating capital, concentrating economic power in very few hands using that power to trash everyone who gets in their way. David Korten


The Good Life of "excess"

Food. Water. Shelter. Air. Sleep. Societal inflation has expanded need into greed. Suddenly, the basic survival needs also include a cell phone, cable TV, and French manicured fingernails...Charlie Diekatze


Our American culture  greatly hypes living it up in EXCESS (in too much) as display to be a high level of human existence. Most of us feel the need for such a lifestyle, yet possessing excess does not give true worth to ones' life or personality for it is only, mainly, for excitement-which does get to become dull at some point. If we acknowledge and let go of this hunger to taste the light within "excess" and indulgence, we can gain a decent form of living, of "making it",  through intellectual savings, (although "if" the possibility of saving exists for some of us is another issue)  and possessing, or purchasing reasonable number of personal items. I know that most of us have houses or apartments full of things rather they are: shoes, clothes, music, books, etc...that where our supply to wealth has gone to. Most of the things that we possess represent the values we did not save. A good savings would be a better choice, life can still be good or tolerable without the "excess" of material comforts. Here is the information that is available for insight within our competitive nation in regards to: humanity, money, and success, possessing a good life:

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. W. C. Fields

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. Donald Trump

 Money makes the world go round. John Kander, Fred Ebb Line from song Money, Money - from musical Cabaret

Oh, 'tis love, 'tis love that makes the world go round. Lewis Carroll. Mathematician, logician, photographer

Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. Ayn Rand

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. Woody Allen

There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else. Oscar Wilde 



Money and Freedom [right standing, opportunity]
Money won't create success, the freedom to create it will.
 Nelson Mandela.

    In a democratic nationall persons should have a right to be granted as much equal access as any other person. As long one persons' freedom or access does not limit another person. Therefore, fairness would be well equated, or as the term is used these days "distributed" and competition would be truly championed because everyone would mostly "all" be at a decent position to compete. All persons must be able to live and acquire "access” to live decent lives without having to come to face a life to be lived in a state of "survival mode" or so called, "dog eat dog"  primitive life of "survival of the fittest."

Evidence of such social ill-distribution is apparent daily as such act is available for us to view the race to the top:  American Idol, American best dance crew, survivoror I want to work for Diddy and Americas' next top model  as "many will enter, few will win" which mirrors society as a whole, many will thrive but few spots exists for what we all crave, a good life.  We live in a structure where food is in excess, technology is all around yet, large number of people still struggle with possessing basic needs to sustain food on the table. A better way to live worldwide, and more reforms are needed for greater access therefore, socialism needs to prevail of “all” persons to gain better footing to acquire a life to be lived well both nationally and internationally as a human need.

    Last, if 100% of corn exists in all nations and within the United States, there: a percentage of only 1% of the total population gathers 40% of the corn that is available. We know that is not fairness, nor is it moral. What does the 1% NEED with all this EXCESS for?

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be. ~Albert Einstein 



Nature Provides & Culture Directs

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. ~Goethe [Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe]

Nature Provides



Earth Science teaches that nature ( our planet earth) provides for all that we need, desire, and want. It supports life and the re-production of life of animals(including us in that category), plants, bacteria and funguses. Plus, it has a natural system of self sustaining and regulation. If we( human beings) were to be vanished like the dinosaurs from our planet earth, our planet would still flourish. It is us that needs it or else other planets like Mars or Jupiter would be inhabited by us. Earth is the only green planet ( life supporting planet) we know exists.

    We gather its natural resources: land, air, water, animals (included us humans), plants, bacteria (micro organisms) and funguses (mold, yeast, mushrooms...) for our own gain. A great natural resource to us is earths’ minerals “rocks” such as Sulfur for medicine, rubber, and gunpowder. We gather: Aluminum for aircraft; Zinc for brass; Lead for car batteries; Iron for steel; Copper for wiring, coins, and for jewelries. Kaolinite “clay rocks” we use for cement, toothpaste, food additives, and cosmetics …We use the earth’s rocks (minerals) to materialize buildings, homes, cars, and things like clothing. It is the only source of “all” we have, need, desire and want. Even when we use biotechnology to “out smart Mother Nature" ( our planet ) we use its supplies, its resources, to do so. Therefore:

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. ~Francis Bacon



There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. ~John Adams 

How to make a living?

Survival methods we humans create reveals how we organize and plan to use our natural resources ( our planet’s supplies) to our advantage for our survival and for our material desires. A system, an organized structure, for food and material productions. Looking at these strategies we can trace our foot steps from how we used to live, primitively, to the complex arrangements that which we have presently, modern.  All of these arrangements are still used today. 

     People within different societies, everywhere, started out as foragers. Today this system of living is still in practice in Africa, SE Asia, Malaysia, and other nations. Foragers are also known as Hunters and Gatherers. They are people that rely on nature (the planet) to seek and to obtain what they need. They would hunt for a deer, a buffalo, a cow, and also they would go out to gather vegetation ( plants), nuts, and seeds for food. They use simple tools such as bows and arrows to hunt.

    Secondly, another system is called Pastoralism. A Pastoralists are also known as “Herders. They domesticate and rely on their animals such as cattle, sheep, goat, camel, and yak for meat. They also rely on these animals for dairy products such as: milk, cheese, yogurt and to form non dairy products such as leather. Pastoralist systems are practiced today in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

A third, Horticulturalist societies practice dry farming. These farmers clear forested land by slashing and burning an area to kill pests( bugs) and vegetation( plants) to nourish the soil and use simple digging sticks to plant crops under the soil. Horticulture systems use more tools and human labor (work) than foragers and pastoralists. They use digging tools to create extensive terraces and irrigation tunnels. Since Horticulturalists uses organic slash and burn method to kill pests and not polluted agents such as man made pesticide chemicals, therefore, those areas that had been used after these farmers leave to pursue other areas due to soil exhaustion, the soil or land does grow back into forestry.

    A fourth system,  Agriculturalist societies practice more intense farming system than horticulturist. These farmers require far more human labor and machinery. In an Agriculture system, land is intensely and continuously used. Plus, the usage of domesticated animals for farming. These farmers use animals such as: a cattle, or a horse to plow (prepare the soil areas) by being hooked to plow machines and are guided along an organized path. Animal manure is also used as a product to nourish or fertilize the soil for crop planting. This system supports a vast population.

 Modern world System: Our Economic System 1


Last, Industrialist societies practice an intense Agricultural system. This system uses intense industrial or mechanical machinery, more advanced tools. These farmers use a vast considerable amount of technology to farm. The land area is plowed or cleared off by numerous choices of machineries such as a drill or tractor vehicles that can also plant the crops. An industrialist farmer also uses considerable amount of biochemistry (man made) chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, to use more than the slash and burn method.

          Furthermore, industrial nations also use complex industries (factories and buildings) rather than the outdoors to produce the food and material products society needs, wants, and desires. These modern technologies: increase work productivity far more than through human labor alone, it provides quick and effective food production that results in surpluses, extra amounts. The levels of nutritional benefits and food qualities from these food and material products are controversial issues facing such method.



How to live?

Nature provides a "free lunch" but only if we control our appetites.~ William Ruckelshaus

Although we live in an industrialized nation, we do not identify ourselves as an industrialist which is a system that describes how we “make a living” (the production of food and materials). There exists a different system that directs us on “how to live” which shapes our lifestyles or our nature and  our daily cultures (rituals and routines). I have read countless Economics books about the financial system of our nation that directs us on, how to live.

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.~ Clarence Budington Kelland

            There exists within each society a system which directs “how to live” as our lifestyles. There are 6 systems which answers how will things be distributed? We live our lives structured around the systems that formulate these answers. First, the system that is widely used within conflicted societies is a command system. Under a command system, a central figure, and a few groups of its commanding supporters, directs and commands the large majority of their population. They direct society on how to live, and the direction of their produced food and material resources. This system is also known as a Dictatorship, or a  totalitarian system. A command system operates where a Dictator, who is usually a military commander, his army soldiers, and supports forms an aristocracy( an upper class group) that rules over an oppress, dominated, massive number of its population, its people, toward what the Dictators, its soldiers and supports' own personal aims and preferences. 

       The Life: Massive group of people live in fear and are not powerful beings in their standing. They live powerless lives and thrive for and dream for a better world full of liberty and power. They wish for the ability to live freely and not under control. Although placed in such powerless standings, all societies under such a rulership does at some point fight back, instability and chaos than is displayed as was what existed quietly placed invisible. They act for change as being shown and being done over in the Middle East.

       Secondly, Communism is a system that is hardly ever used in its proper context. In a communist design, the community that adapts this system is its controller, there is not a central leader. It is the total public within a state that leads and creates (produces) their food and materials for everyone as a community, and for its people as being “public property”. Work is done as a group, and goods or services are distributed “to each according to their abilities... each according to their needs”.

        The Life:  It is common knowledge that many Dictatorships, command systems, acts under the Communist title. It is obvious that the communities within such a society are not the legal owners to their lands or the products that they produce. They operate under “management” and are not the managers themselves as a communist system states. The former title of presently “China Republic” used to be “Communist China” where the people did not operate or own their lands, but had a ruler. It was not a Communist nation as Communism is, even its name proclaims its “True” character.

Communists have always played an active role in the fight by colonial countries for their freedom, because the short-term objects of Communism would always correspond with the long-term objects of freedom movements. Nelson Mandela

         Another widely misunderstood system, due to its abused title by the late Soviet Union, is Socialism. The Socialist System is compatible to a communist system, they differ in their aim toward HOW to obtain such a way of life from current system in operation. The society that adapts this system directs their social lives and social work efforts towards the wellbeing and betterment of each other as a “worker’s union” or a social welfare nation. Also, within such a system, there should not exit a central figure that holds power to manage society for it is these societies, the people is its leaders. The people, are the ones that holds legal and managerial control over their lives and joined effort with each other. 

          The Life: The Russian, USSR, or the “Soviet Union” had a central Dictator that ruled over its mass population. People were workers under a leader and did not possess leadership roles as is the use of such a system implied, people in control. Therefore, the USSR or the Russian “Soviet Union... workers’ union" was truly a “command System,” a dictatorship society which had acted under the false titled pretense of Socialism. Democracy and Socialism is a way to assist people to co-exist together, and to find solutions to social differences for a compromise for all persons as much as possible to live with power to direct or rule their own lives as individual beings and social beings:

Democracy and socialism are means to an end, not the end itself. Jawaharlal Nehru

         Fourth, this system is a deeply traditionally used arrangement, but has been modernized with the use of money rather than through trading. Traditional Market system,  originally within that system,  individuals would inherit businesses from their parents. Those merchants or business men and women are motivated to create and to operate a private (personal business) where a fair exchange, would be made between people for that which they needed, wanted or desired. This system uses negotiations from both buyers and sellers to make a fair business exchange.

  Fifth, a Capitalist System is a modern system which individuals like you and I, possessing legally the ability and capability to create businesses within mostly any profession, freely without it being an inheritance. The societal individuals are motivated to operate a personal ( private) business to make a profit( a surplus- an extra amount of money or value) from the products or services they provide. For example, when a person borrows money and expects in return that money to be paid back with an "interest" an extra amounts which could mean paying it back doubled the amount, the borrower makes extra money out of the exchange. Money is its commanding authority within such a Capitalist system, and it is also known as the “money system” or the "individual opportunity, individual wealth building system." This system is advertised as  anyone and everyone can be wealthy, which in reality, actuality, has produced a population of 1% wealthy, 9% rich and 90% in society as employees, its workers.

What we want is to establish the rules of a market economy - not to plan its outcome. Vaclav Klaus

    Last, this system is the realistic actual world application system. Societies utilize more than one system depending on population size and effectiveness, as a mixed system.  Societies are managed under more than one system, but may hold one as its primary.

How to Live in America

Our American society is shaped by the concept of the “The American Dream” of individuals each possessing an innate right to “life, liberties(freedoms), and the pursuit of property or happiness" in which the Capitalist social system formulates this dream. It is a social arrangement that shapes how each individual live their lives, a life to the pursuit of their own individual “American Dream,” as a system of non-inheritance to create a businesses or to work for a business to accumulate wealth. A system of individual wealth building that shapes how to live, will be able to live, and to create a lifestyle base on the amount of money we collect:

Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves. Albert Einstein

     Although our social ideologies claim freedoms, and liberties, there are things that are required from us that we must do, such as, we must work, which religious scriptures reinforce," he who does not work, neither shall he eat." The Bible, II Thessalonians 3:10. In our society, although it is said to be about freedoms and choices, we are arranged into a productive moving system that demands that we must work in order to sustain living-by holding our basic needs: food, water, shelter, in the holdings of monetary claims. Most entirely all of us must work except the few wealthy persons that are wealthy enough to not need to and there is nothing wrong with that, "If you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work." Ogden Nash

 Working is part of being human; with and without a system, we would need to work or have someone work for us to obtain what we need, want or desire in order to live and to possess a lifestyle. Working is a natural and a needed human activity. We are not mere simple beings that can live only to sleep and eat in leisure or luxury-working out, exercising is a form of physical work that is needed. We possess a systems that directs how as a group we plan to work, and towards creating a product or services for the betterment of individuals or ourselves. We have a choice of specialization such as: which occupations, for whom, and for what or how much we will work.

  Our Capitalist system structures areas of work in quarters, Specializationsas various choices for person to choose ONE targeted position of desired work as a set goal, aspiration, or dream . This form of specialized work or career choice seems to work, resulting in great productivity and effectiveness to some degree. It is an arrangement that structures the things we need, want or desire to be done all in working groups within specialized areas of skill levels and professions. We have people who can perform surgeries on persons, but who can not fix their own cars, that is not their area of specialty. We have people who are great professors, and the same persons can not cook a decent meal, they are not cooks-that is not their specialty. 

         Also, our Capitalist system directs how the distribution of goods or services is to be gained. Capitalism directs how work can be for everyone, but the produced goods and services are for “those who can afford.” As explained, work is a socialistic quartered effort needed from the mass majority of people in order to gain what one wants, needs or desires through the possession of Money, a reward from our work efforts, as a set source for attainment of these items. 

 We operate within a industrialized system for our food and material production which largely operates by machineries, and within factories. Due our industrial system that directs how we "make a living,"  it does not require us all to contribute our efforts in the operation of creating or producing the foods and materials. Most of us are free to focus on possessing other works, occupations "to make money" as the aim for an individual but in truth, it is the social product of a socialist system, “to work together” of all person working as members of a working (job oriented) nation, of our social physical and mental energies are placed to use in a number of different goods, or services which created a higher level of living or standard of living, for everyone within such a socialistic work effort based on individualistic motivational effort to live well. It is not as a Capitalist system proclaims, individual wealth creation, it is a socialist system that this society flourishes from:

In 2008, the food manufacturing industry provided 1.5 million jobs. In 2008, about 28,400 establishments manufactured food, with 89 percent employing fewer than 100 workers. Nevertheless, establishments employing 500 or more workers accounted for 36 percent of all jobs.

Increasingly, fewer farms are producing the vast majority of livestock in the United States—although they are larger farms generally. Similarly, there are now fewer, but much larger, meat-processing plants, owned by fewer companies—a development that has tended to concentrate employment in a few locations. US Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Food Manufacturing.

         Specialization does not however produce all great things. Individuals working mainly in one specialization does become too familiar with one form of work, therefore, change is good for the mind and for the body. We need a system that is liberating enough so that changing jobs or careers, in which a person can be MOBILE every once in a while such as every 5yrs without deep sets of punishments or negative levels of living as an outcome. There is life in MOBILITY for life is naturally a state of liberation, freedom:

Depressed?  Of course we're all depressed.  We've been so quickly, violently, and irreconcilably plucked from nature, from physical labor, from kinship and village mentality, from every natural and primordial anti-depressant.  The further society "progresses," the grander the scale of imbalance.  Just as fluoride is put in water to prevent dental caries, we'll soon find government mandating Prozac in our water to prevent mental caries.  ~M. Robin D'Antan

The Rate of Depression

An Estimated 1 in 10 U.S. Adults Report Depression... Depression is a mental illness that can be costly and debilitating to sufferers. Depression can adversely affect the course and outcome of common chronic conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Depression also can result in increased work absenteeism, short-term disability, and decreased productivity

Who Tends to be Most Depressed?

This study found the following groups to be more likely to meet criteria for major depression:

  •  persons 45-64 years of age
  •   women
  •   blacks, Hispanics, non-Hispanic persons of other races or multiple races
  •  persons with less than a high school education
  • those previously married
  • individuals unable to work or unemployed
  •  persons without health insurance coverage

US Department of Health. Center for disease Control and prevention:



 Unemployment rate at 9.0 percent in April 2011  The unemployment rate edged up from 8.8 to 9.0 percent over the month of April 2011, but was 0.8-percentage points lower than in November 2010. The number of unemployed persons, at 13.7 million, changed little…..Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for:

 Adult men (8.8 percent)

 Adult women (7.9 percent) 

Teenagers (24.9 percent)...

Whites (8.0 percent) blacks (16.1 percent), and Hispanics (11.8 percent)   

US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

US Department of Labor



During 2002-2006, the highest suicide rates for males ages 25-64 years were among American Indian/Alaskan Natives with 29.38 suicides per 100,000 followed by Non-Hispanic Whites with 27.40 suicides per 100,000 

The highest rates for females ages 25-64 years were among the Non-Hispanic Whites with 8.12 suicides per 100,000 followed bAmerican Indian/Alaskan Natives with 7.30 suicides per 100,000. US Department of Health-Center for disease Control and Prevention:


The US Education System

directed by Capitalist system



The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr

Our education system is not the best that it can be because it is not regarded in its' proper format. It is not for the attainment of a "dream” job or dream career as "education for success".Getting an education is suppose to be about obtaining individual freedoms within our mental and physical capacities, and to grow into the best persons we can be as " striving to be all that we can be". Our educational system and its teachings lack reason within a Capitalist system.  For an example, the academic disciple of Economics displays the illogicality of our Capitalist system by displaying idealistic notions and not as we live. 

       Economics is the study of our society and how it operates under a capitalist system, though it is explained to be the study of choices we make within our nation regarding our limited natural supplies. How many of us know about the limited supplies that we are using? From many books, they define Economists as being  professionals that study us in society: how we live, reproduce, and prosper (make money) and use limited resources as a state of Scarcity (scarce “limited”).

We're always studying about health-we know nothing. Is milk good or bad? I rest my you don't know, cause when you go down the aisle of a grocery store, the milk aisle goes up; low fat, slim...lactose intolerance milk...kiss my...Lewis Black

         We live in a society that advertises daily to us at any given hour, for us to engage in more spending, and enormously stimulate least for us to conserve and preserve what we possess. We are hardly ever notified to what quantities we possess in almost "everything". How are we to comprehend that we are living and using "limited supplies" scare resources, when the societal hype is to indulge, spoil, ourselves but does not give information or educate us properly, about the resources that we have, and to the amounts we possess for proper consideration and usage?

           The reasons that we possess detachments, isolation and lack of appreciativeness or gratitude in regards to the products (the supplies) that we have, is because we live in a society that makes products not for personal usage but to be placed on shelves for someone else to buy and use. When we buy these products we did not make, we do not feel or appreciate the time and effort it took to make them as: attractive, quick and effective to use, plus safe. We buy unconsciously, unattached, and uneducated about the supplies and our suppliers, the industries plus the workers we buy them from.

The professional study of economics has become ideological brainwashing. It is a defense of the excesses of the capitalist system. David Korten

 The professional study of Economics, as similar to other educational disciplines teach the lessons, analysis and views of the top few. Economists teaches ideas about our society and about us as propagandas, a doctrinal set of guidelines to convert us into its principles, its standards and lifestyle of capitalists, and not society as it realistically stands. Reading educational textbooks in this century requires a lot of mental abilities to spot illogical, irrational misinformation and irrational notions. 

         It is a challenge that all students can take to spot these confusing notions and to conduct personal research for TRUTHS. All human knowledge is forever in line for change, we are men(human beings) after all, and not Gods. Once the earth was thought to be flat, and now we know that it is round. What other findings is there to unearth? We do not have to agree with every or anything that professionals teach,  SEARCH FOR TRUTHS, and use your ability to sense  FALSEHOOD to come to live in truth:


The Source of Ignorance & Helplessness:
Capitalist System as Socialism for the few 



    Contrary to what Economists claim that we live in a Capitalist system, we may live in one which does not end there, for it is partly true. We operate as a mixture of Capitalist, traditional  Market, and Socialist System. The way that our society is operated includes, the decision makers within our society that shapes it are: we, the people, our government, and "the" businesses or firms and all three must operate continuously in agreeable terms as a unit in order for our nation to be effective, functional, successful, and productive. Companies, businesses or firms that are operating or will be in operation from an entrepreneur (a person or group of persons, who will create products or services), this person who will identify what should be placed on the market will do so based on us (the mass public )for whom these businesses aim to satisfy what we want, need, or desire and will create such a business only with the consideration and willingness from us to buy.What is a business, a Company without any buyers? "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."Henry Ford

             We are taught that if we want something, all we have to do is to go after it. Plus, we alone can make success possible. However without public support,  a company or an individual in many areas will not and cannot succeed or expand. It must have the support of individuals like you and I, to not only be its workers (its employees) but also its consumers (its buyers). "The trouble, in my opinion, with corporate America today is that everything is thought of in quarters."Henry Kravis

             Additionally, the government plays an important role in business dealings. Without satisfactory tax payments, proper regulated moral business activities, conducts, and good products in terms of safety and effectiveness verified and certified from the government, a company even with public support as employees and consumers, buyers, will not function, or succeed extensively. "America traditionally represents the greatest possibility of someone's going from nothing to something. Why? In theory, if not practice, the government stays out of the way and lets individuals take risks and reap rewards or accept the consequences of failure. We call this capitalism - or, at least, we used to."~ Larry Elder

            Most Recently, we have learned how untrue this is. Socialism is what is functional. Major businesses and banks were in great needs of Bailouts. They acted by asking for help from working class individuals to use societal tax dollars from the government to assistance them as a NEED to be able to stay in business. If these companies had gone under, or failed, so would our nation-they would bring us all down with them being "too big to fail"- to important to fail" they had to be saved to sustain stability within our nation- they held our car insurances, house mortgages, our monies in their "banks" and securities in their investments.... Why had they not acted under the “Free Capitalist market System” of no government involvement? Why hadn’t they followed the Republican demands for “limited” government involvement in business affairs? Most significantly, why did they not accept FAILURE? It is because

             "We're all working together; that's the secret."
    ~ Sam Walton

             Capitalism is a false system of an irrational individualistic view and practice when it is a socialist, societal union, that makes a nation effectively operable. It is labeled and applied as an individualistic practice of success base on owners of businesses, plus corporations’ shareholders, CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) Directors, and business managers as chief superiority and supreme components of a working business in society. In reality, it is operating under a socialist structure where the massive public are its workers, operators, its financial faction as Shoppers/buyers, plus government, that is its regulators, and as its legal sector, are all necessary entities.

           The failure or crash of individual homeowners' default to meet their monthly obligations to the failure or crash of the Real Estate Market (home ownership market) demonstrates how individuals, we, possess a deep impact on our nation. This nation is currently hanging on due to foreign “bail outs” as well as “Businesses”, and us through our "tax dollars". We individuals, businesses, and our governments are all 3 attached entities unlike what we know-this is reality, realism: all three must work together as part of a connective web as three vital Powerful entities to keep our nation operating: individuals working, businesses running, banks operating, and government  regulating that is the reality, the actual world: activism, socialism.

    In a capitalist society, persons who create capital, like Michael Eisner, are given the staggering rewards. Carroll O'Connor

              For business "top heads" to claim massive monetary gains for its “superiors” as its Profiteers is a great social injustice. All components that makes a business work are essentials, valuable and have vital worth to its functioning, daily operating, and growth. All should be respected, highly regarded and not be mislead, misused, exploited and dismiss as worthless. Why do Football players receive more money than doctors? Why do office workers gets paid more than those who are doing the works within some businesses? Football players have a lot of people come to see them play, and a lot of people paying tickets, distributing their wealth to that sport, to watch these men and women athletes. Therefore, the companies feel the need to pay them well because they "bring home the bacon"-the supply to wealth.


             Does a person always have to bring money into a company in order to be valued? Why is it rational to not pay those that maintain a business sanitation, products or services "worth" a good price in terms of monetary distribution? Surely such services are vital in keeping a company open and functioning? It is an imbalance of rational that all employees are not regarded well when all services are vitally important to businesses and takes a lot of an employees' time and energies. Most companies are insulting entities toward their vital components and install a sense of "worthlessness" within dis-valued employees:

    Commuter- one who spends his life

    In riding to and from his wife;

    A man who shaves and takes a train

    And then rides back to shave again. 

    E. B. White, Commuter (1929)

    If a man or a woman puts in an honest day's work, they should be able to earn a living wage.  Richard J. Codey

    Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard. Sherrod Brown

    My claim is that we do not have a market economy, but a capitalist economy. David Korten


    -The Greatest evil within a Capitalist system

            Money Driven Society, Money Directing Living, Money as the need for Survival,              Money as bases for establishing a good Lifestyle: Money, Money, Money, Money..

    "It's nothing personal, it's just business."- Donald Trump

    Corporations, businesses and Capitalist persons are not truly the evils. The problems within a Capitalist system exists when this system operates well as it is designed to that wickedness and harm is exercised. Even though Money does not make a company function alone, nor does it possess the ability to make a company acquire success alone yet, it is a material that is structured in a Capitalist system as the source of and aim for Companies- its operative aims, for a profit to be as its ONLY chief objective and appreciation. "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."~ Henry Ford

      Capitalism places money as the driving force. It is the ultimate aim. Persons must do whatever they can possible to gain more of it and that is how corruption happens, and society as a whole is offended, as well as our environment bares the hassles as Al Gore points out, An inconvenient truth” facing our only green, life sustaining and supporting planet. The Money principle of operation does not possess a human spirit, a soul.  It is an entity that carries not a human presence and seeks to corrupt, transform ourselves and our lives as its creators ( its masters to be its subjects) when we place it first ahead of humanity, it becomes a de-humanizing system of living, "An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine."~ Marilyn Monroe

             Money is structured as mainly the source for all that we want, need, and desire. In its society, we will not be granted access without, that is why a society based on money is also based on immorality for money does not and cannot concentration on humanity, but of itself . We live in a society where medical care is available but is for only those who can afford”, and it asks the sick, "can you afford?" Although government laws have demanded emergency care to be granted rather or not one possess the money in some cases, denial for life saving treatments and operations still exists.

    Why should a company like Wal-Mart - who made $10 billion last year alone - be able to force taxpayers to foot the bill for their health-care costs? John Sweeney

              If a person does not possess money in this society, this person ( if not for our socialist government programs, as was before ) would be left to die simply because they could not “afford.” Therefore, human lives are not concerns of monetary system, it explains itself that its actions are “It’s just business and nothing personal” when it rejects or denies an individual or humanity of vital goods or services. "You're fired!" Some capitalist "sharks" act as if firing people is an exciting sport, but to the common man it holds the ability to destroy him if he can not find another job to support himself and/or his family to provide even the basic of needs such as food on their table.

         Countries around the world are impoverish and people are dying daily from diseases, and lack of food. We all know of this. Here in the United States: food is being thrown out from decay or lack of use, although we also lack adequate nutrition rather or not we have vast amount of food to eat or not. Also, medical supplies are held in storages and cannot be distributed without a compensation. Worst, effective assistance of aiding others to care for themselves is not applied for less benefits there is from strong economies, weak ones possesses better ways of gaining personal profits. There is a better livable world from how we are living everywhere and anywhere. (We can look up through our space satellite in this day and age, and view all of these places that lack basic needs, yet assisting them well depends on how deep ones' money pockets are?  That is inhumane, a shame, and repulsive, "I think we are living in selfish times. I'm the first one to say that I'm the most selfish. We live in the so-called 'first world,' and we may be first in a lot of things like technology, but we are behind in empathy."Javier Bardem

             An economy, a nation that is directed by an immoral "money" system promotes death and destruction of humanity and of our environment where all of our needs, wants, and desires are met through money which creates injustices and corruption. Our food capitalist markets provide a disservice to our health by attempts to sell to us anything it can regardless of our health. It is part of industries that operate as "anything to make a sale, anything to make a buck" that is why the government has a Food and Drug Administration and so much other agencies to try to regulate these markets although the regulators, at times are experts from these corporations! that is why not much care and concern does take place to shield us from these uncaring and immoral industries.



    In the old days, people used to risk their lives in India or in the Americas in order to bring back products which now seem to us to have been of comically little worth. Levi Strauss

    In my own life, I decided to leave meat off my plate in medical school, but was a bit slow to realize that dairy products and eggs are not health foods either. Neal Barnard

                This knowledge is far and wide now, many of us are aware of the multitudes of meals that supermarkets provide to us are questionable and may not be safe. Couldn't fast food markets create and provide healthy, not near healthy, food choices? Due to its needs to make as much Profit, money, it can, it will sell what: we are addicted to, and even if it puts our health at risk by destroys our healthy tissues from the use of heavy chemicals such as herbicides, and pesticides: US Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Services:


    The Capitalist "food Market" Crimes

    The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself . Franklin D. Roosevelt


    The use of Pesticides

    The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place. David Brower 



    Economics has been incurably growth-oriented and addicted to everybody growing richer, even at the cost of exhaustion of resources and pollution of the environment.-Kenneth Boulding

    Pollutants I used to think are bad “toxic” fumes in the air, but it is much more than deadly toxic fumes. Pollutants are anything and everything that does not: correspond, mix or put together well, with any other product that is not based on our planets' natural arrangements, its chemistry. The unmatched mixer is than termed “toxic" and a "pollutant” such as: crude oil and water are not to be mixed and when that happens all forms of life that rely on clean water will get poisoned, contaminated with an unnatural abnormal mixture of chemistry and may compromise a being or a creatures' health.

             Also, pollutants are anything from plastics on the ground to metal cans in the water. The pollutants are termed "non biodegradable" as it is not in its proper element where it would be easily, if at all, be broken down or eaten by its natural compatible animal such as bacteria that uses it as fuel. In the natural world, our planet uses everything and there is a placement for everything as being apart of life from creation and use, to decay (to die out ) for to be used as fuel to create or renew another in a series of process.

             In the pursuit of more money, the few who “makes it” to the top of our social division turns society against itself and its only green planet in order to gain more of a created product for greater access than a person NEEDS, but craves as a need. In contrast, the majority of society and the international communities’ struggles with real needs, such as basic needs for Survival. This shows the level of pointlessness and mental irregularities that is the result of Greed, of the pursuit of money reduces a person to, "there's two globalizations...The elite globalization represents minority forces. The elite globalization is about making money....The people's globalization, the democratic mass globalization is about life values."~Kevin Danaher



    "Giving back - distributing back" 

    Money Into society

    Our society does not posses "ALL" businesses or individuals under Capitalist System whose ONLY aim or pursuit is for personal monetary gains. Some also practice philanthropy (humanitarian services) of "giving back to society". Unlike the rigidness of business economics that is based on “I am sorry it is not my problem.” They make societal suffering their problems to be of assistance in its healing process. We already are aware of Angelina Jolie and Bradley William Pitts’ humanitarian effort both nationally, and internationally. Also, other celebrities does give back such as: Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, Oprah Winfrey and others. Furthermore, there exists an organization where families that posses extra incomes aims to “distribute back” to society part of their monetary collective gains.

    The Giving Pledge

             I was really captivated by what Ted Turner had to say about himself, his aims for societies nationally, and internationally regarding his Pledge: Ted Turner (click on name= link to the story)


    You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money. P.J. O'Rourke 

    Although it is ideal that persons who has far more than they need and in vast supplies should  distribute to the least fortunate. However, an even better way of combating this inequality is to have a system that is more towards mass levels of individuals able to become Self reliant, to succeed, to be well, and able to live "good lives" outside of living in mountainous levels of debts. From a Chinese Proverb, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

      Most people work hard, I do not know any job that is virtually simply "easy". People work hard, yet due to a lack in high decent levels of education it is as a source for deep restriction toward chances or opportunities of landing a higher level in the ladder hierarchical work positions in which most people are left out of. The vast claim of lack of higher pay positions is due to education therefore, why isn't education the main aim for REFORM or on social solutions of political AGENDAS be ways for people to gain more education?

           There used to be internships, apprenticeships, more and more- none of such things exist for on the job training. Although, trainings and education is what is placed as a restrictive barrier for most well paid jobs that are available, Capitalists justifies lack of education as the reasons why more and more "American" jobs, American companies goes overseas to hire foreigners, why not train or invest in greater Education of the American public, if it is the lack of good education that is what is restricting them? We know what the problem is why not invest in solving it?

    The onrush of technology largely explains the gradual development of a "two-tier labor market" in which those at the bottom lack the education and the professional/technical skills of those at the top and, more and more, fail to get comparable pay raises, health insurance coverage, and other benefits. Since1975, practically all the gains in household income have gone to the top 20% of households…Long-term problems include inadequate investment in economic infrastructure, rapidly rising medical and pension costs of an aging population, sizable trade and budget deficits, and stagnation of family income in the lower economic groups.US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA Factbook):


    A look at Society

    If we were living in realism (In truth)

    "This crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evilAn exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future. I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals." -- Albert Einstein

    One society that is growing in vast awareness of how well their society operates is the Swedish nation. It is a nation that provides vital resources under a socialist program that is for everyone and does not ask who can afford it”. It allows capitalism to exist in its background. The capitalist system does not play a primary role in areas where human needs could be cause suffering from lack of money. People pay higher tax "pool” from their monetary wages for such things as Health care securities to be held by the public (everyone) and not private (business owners, individuals). While the capitalist system operates to take money from society, but it is for society, by society-public sector businesses.  This is what our state department reports about how liberated and humanly they live, and instead of racing to Sweden, we can learn from them and help ourselves:

    Education: Years compulsory--9. Literacy--99%.Health: Infant mortality rate (2010 est.)--2.75/1,000. Life expectancy (2010 est.)--men 78.59 years, women 83.26 years....Work force (2009 est.): 4.93 million. Agriculture--1.1%; industry--28.2%; services--70.7%.Unemployment (September 2010)--7.8%.

    Sweden has one of the world's longest life expectancies and lowest birth rates.The country counts at least 20,000 indigenous Sami among its population. .... English is widely spoken, particularly by Swedes under the age of 50.

    Sweden has an extensive child-care system that guarantees a place for all young children ages two through six in a public day-care facility. From ages seven to 16, children participate in compulsory education. After completing the ninth grade, 90% attend upper secondary school for either academic or technical education.

    Swedes benefit from an extensive social welfare system, which provides childcare and maternity and paternity leave, a ceiling on health care costs, old-age pensions, and sick leave, among other benefits. Parents are entitled to a total of 480 days' paid leave at 80% of a government-determined salary cap between birth and the child's eighth birthday. The parents may split those days however they wish, but 60 of the days are reserved specifically for the father. The parents may also take an additional 5 months of unpaid leave. US Department of State:




                        This is where we currently stand


    US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA Factbook):  


    The Actual World


    The global economy is a runaway train that is causing more and more suffering in the world. The current "Profit [money] before people" system is causing the gap between the very rich and the very poor to grow larger each year. In order to transform the global economy into a true global community, we need to create a Better World Economy - an economic system that gives value to other commodities besides money. Then we can create more sustainable local, national and global communities. -- Robert Alan

    The Actual World is a state of living within knowledge and rational. It reveals the illogicality (the insanity) and  immoralities of possessing a Capitalist system to direct humanity on "how to live." Money in a literal sense is a product which determines human activity that reveals in many instances how it is a corrupt system for it: demoralizes, creates irrational thoughts, irrational actions, dehumanizes, and oppresses(dominates) people. The most irrational indication of this  illogicality of the Capitalist money system is the well known outcry that "money makes the world go round." It is an insane notion to make a product direct activities for: how can something that is a product of humanity be its directors, its ruler? How can humanity accept to sustain such a corrupt system, where some few people can gain far more of it in excess than they need while majority of people in societies possesses few and some barely able to sustain decent levels to obtain their basic needs? How can humanity seek to sustain a human made product which causes as much sufferings as it uplifts? Surely, a better system can be implemented to correct the lack of humanity in which the money system lacks. A rational state of mind reveals that a product does not possess the ability to direct a person. A product does not have a voice to command human activity-it is humanity, ourselves, that gives it power (that powers it):

    "Money rules the world" Is not a rational and a realistic notion. money is a human product, an object. It cannot and does not possess the capacity to rule our world. People Rules the world, and engage in a dehumanizing structure of placing money ahead of humanity. We live in an insane, irrational structure and it should be changed to place PEOPLE first and rationality first, ahead of our created product, money.

            "I (too) have a Dream": I seek for change where persons are not turned down for life saving medical services just because he or she lacks Money: a change where the accumulations of monetary wealth is towards humanity, a change for true human progress and lifestyles that is based on intelligence, maturity, tolerance (inclusion) and decency for all. Also, a change in which people can take their rightful places as being "innately" simply worth more than their created object, money, and are not mere subjects of it. Rejoice in your individuality, but aim also for your socialist, democratic right as a social being, a member of our human race and not just a mere entity, a person, recognize also your neighbors: nationally and internationally, our human race. You Rule, pass this message on to your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers-all your fellow human beings.



    Ignorance & Helplessness Solution

    (You RuleClaim your Economic Powers)

    Consumers (shoppers) have not been told effectively enough that they have huge power and that purchasing and shopping involve a moral choice. Anita Roddick

    Presently, we feel helpless because we are neglectful of the vital roles we play in our socialistic society. We are prey to the illusions of the popular individualistic Capitalistic living. We view a lifestyle of being ruled by companies (businesses) we work to obtain money from in order to obtain and sustain what we need, want, or desire as the only primary source of choice we have. Businesses take advantage of our ignorance by manipulating us to extend our economic powers to support it by providing false advertisements. Companies in every which directions are making claims about its products as being best in order to over-charge us and to increase our spending powers towards their companies for we possess a Dollar Vote or simply the Buying Power. We all have what these companies need the exchange of money from our personal monetary storage of wealth as our hard worked earnings in exchange for a product or service, "spend or distribute your sources of wealth wisely" in the marketplaces, "it used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive." Nicholas Johnson. Also, "I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer." ~Denis Hayes

             We cast votes for which companies to either fail or to succeed every time that we shop, purchase something. We also cast rather additional products are to be placed in the market shelves for us to buy from or for no more products to be placed from lack of votes, thus our buying powers. We must strive to cast our dollar purchasing votes on moral and good companies that strive to provide us great public services and great products. Also, as well as, are cooperative and appreciative financially to their employees for almost all of us are employees, and even rich celebrities must work-99% of the population ( it is safe to label) must be workers to some degree. We as workers should place consideration of all other workers.

           Many companies wants themselves and their products to thrive by using manipulative tactics, for us to view their products better than another and to cast our votes in their directions rather or not they deserve it. Deceptive advertising tools as claiming: “this product is one of a kind” when there is numerous other brands next to it which can provide the same benefits, " 'be comfortable with who you are,' reads the headline on the Hush Puppies poster. Are they mad? If people were comfortable with who they were, they'd never buy any products except the ones needed, and then where would the advertising industry be?" ~Charles Edwards


    There is only one boss, The customer. and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton. Founder of Wal-mart







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